“It is impossible
to overstate the
value of this book.“

Hans-Günter Lindner (TH Cologne)
Health-boosting innovation from Switzerland:
Building on the foundational work by Dr Elaine Aron, American psychologist, the easy understandable English translation of the groundbreaking book "Neurosensitivität" is exclusively available here.
Why did I write this book?
For many years now, I have felt that in order to master the huge challenges of these fascinating times, especially climate change, the time has come for us to start forging new paths - and individuals with heightened awareness will be able to lead the way. After all, the immaterial metaphysical world (such as energy fields) holds enormous potential for value creation that is both health-boosting and climate-neutral.

Dr Patrice Wyrsch

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PhD in neurosensitivity at the University of Bern, Switzerland (2020)

"My vision is the general recognition that people have different levels of perception."

What experts are saying (translated in English):
Professor Hans-Günter Lindner (TH Cologne University of Applied Sciences):

“It is impossible to overstate the value of this book. It enriches the scientific foundations of neurosensitivity with fascinating personal anecdotes and insights. In this book, Patrice Wyrsch shares his journey and the knowledge he has gained along the way,  making this topic accessible to a wide audience in a simple and enjoyable way. Join Patrice Wyrsch on an exciting journey and prepare to experience the transformation!”

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Dr Christina Sternbauer (entrepreneur):

I don’t know of any other book that takes such a holistic approach to the subject. The author combines personal experience, scientific findings and societal issues in a charming way. Patrice Wyrsch explores in a highly intelligent way a subject that constantly affects all of us in every area of our lives. A book that is easy to read and comprehensible, provides new insights and raises fascinating questions. A refreshing ‘must-read’ for all highly sensitive persons. Actually, no – for everyone who works with people, is involved in leadership or wants to foster potential.”

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Professor Andreas Hack (University of Bern):

“In his book, Patrice Wyrsch takes a comprehensive and above all a fresh look at the diversity within neurosensitivity. While many of the practical self-help books on bookstore shelves focus on simple tips for supposed highly sensitive individuals, Wyrsch goes considerably deeper. He creates space for various facets of neurosensitivity and links these with current developments in society. A skilful mix of theoretical underpinning and practical understanding creates a book that provides a unique insight into the crucial role this topic will play in the world of the future. I sincerely hope this book will enjoy a large readership and am confident that it will play an important part in the further development and dissemination of the topic.”

Do you feel a resonance?
Then you are exactly right here!

What my book IS NOT:

My book is NOT a boring, scientific treatise
My book is NOT a know-it-all self-help book
Who is my book for?
For everyone who...
  • ... wants to become more mindful of their perception
  • ... wants to achieve climate turnaround
  • ... wants to create a shift in consciousness (in themselves and others)
For highly sensitive persons who...
  • ... haven’t yet found their ideal place in society because they have not been able, thus far, to properly understand their heightened neurosensitivity
  • ... often feel stressed in this fast-paced world because they are unable to deal with their heightened awareness and perception
  • ... have self-sacrificing tendencies because, for instance, they are too naïve in their dealings with low-sensitive individuals
What readers of the original book are saying (translated in English):

Mega!!! Highly recommend 🔊  This book will open your eyes – one of the books of the year🎤

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This is a wonderful book, dear Mr Wyrsch. I got it as a gift for myself and devoured it immediately. The approach is impressive, appreciative, positive and inspiring...😊 Thank you so, so much for your wonderful research and this brilliant book!

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“I really just want to express my thanks for this fantastic book!
It feels so good to be able to articulate perceptions so much more clearly and comprehensibly.
I feel completely understood, thank you!”

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I’m totally fascinated by your book. It arrived the day before yesterday and I’ve almost finished it already. The book has taught me a lot about myself and is inspiring me to observe and perceive even more mindfully - as a leader, as a partner, as a mother, as a person. And it has confirmed that my trust in myself and my intuition has a solid foundation! Many thanks for sharing these valuable findings and experiences »
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“I’ve been interested in everything to do with personality development etc. since I was a young adult. It feels like I’ve read every single relevant book on the topic. Now, aged 49, I am finally holding your “gift” in my hands. It is quite honestly the most wonderful and helpful summary of all of the topics that will be crucial at the dawning of a new age.

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Hello Patrice, since I read your book, I’ve been handling stress and overwhelm completely differently. I can feel that there has been a change in me. I now know that I’m not weird, but that I am different. Thanks to this book, I now have more trust in my own intuition - and that has been truly life-changing. At work especially I am able to remain much calmer, even when I’m under stress and pressure. It’s a miracle. Thank you 🙏

Get the book for 36 Euros (42 USD)
(including all: worldwide shipping, VAT, etc.)
Just trust your intuition, whether my book is meant for you. Best wishes from the Swiss Alps, Patrice Wyrsch